Want to Order Desserts for the Upcoming Occasions? These Eateries are Delivering Sweet Treats in Pune!

While Siblings are those one enemy we don’t hate, friends are family we can’t live without! And with Raksha Bandhan and Friendship Day just around the corner, it’s time to celebrate these special days in a special way. A celebration without dessert is like a boring meeting, and we are here to save you from that. Check out these Sweet Treats in Pune to indulge in some yummy desserts.

1. Sweetish House Mafia

A balanced diet is having a cookie in each hand. And with Sweetish House Mafia’s cookies, you won’t feel like stopping. These cookies loaded with chunks of chocolate is just what you need when celebrating these special festivities.
Order Here: Sweetish House Mafia

2. TuttoBene

Tutto Bene offers a collection of macrons you’ve probably never seen before. These macrons are not only yummy but also different, and that’s exactly what you need for your unique friends or siblings. We suggest you shouldn’t give this offer a miss.
Order Here: Tutto Bene

3. Copper Chocs

Who doesn’t love a box filled with love, happiness, and some desserts? None, right? So stop thinking, and just order a box from Copper Chocs. One of the best sweet treats in Pune, you wouldn’t want to miss.
Order Here: Copper Chocs

4. Luxus

Sweet Treats in Pune

Siblings sharing chocolates equally is a myth, and we know it. But on Raksha Bandhan, your love for your sibling unfolds, and you let them have that extra bite. Celebrate your day with siblings with Luxus’s chocolate range and rekindle all your childhood memories.
Order Here: Luxus

5. The Cheesecake Pops

Sweet Treats in Pune

You may not be able to buy your sibling happiness, but you can get them a cake, and that’s kind of the same thing. Cheesecake Pops offer cakes you can’t deny. So, order a cake and enjoy the day.
Order Here: The Cheesecake Pops

6. Marriott Suites

Sweet Treats in Pune

Is your sibling/friend a sweet-tooth? Yes, then this is exactly what you need. It may be difficult to please them, as their taste is so different, but we have cracked the code. Marriott Suites has cakes, pancakes, pastries, and all kinds of desserts. This place is like heaven for that sweet-tooth sibling/friend. Now go, gift them some happiness.
Order Here: Marriott Suites

7. Prem’s

Tell your sibling how much you love them by gifting them these lip-smacking delicacies from Prem’s. These desserts are carefully crafted with flavorful top-notch ingredients and toppings.
Order Here: Prem’s

8. La Kheer Deli

Do you belong to the group that grew up savoring kheer? Then La Kheer Deli has a piece of your heart. Offering Kheer in a variety of flavors is what makes them unique. Order your and your siblings’ favorite kheer and re-kindle all your childhood memories with your family.
Order Here: La Kheer Deli

9. Theobroma

Mithai lovers in the house, here’s a treat you can’t miss! That one day where you hate your sibling a little less has come. But owing to the current situation, it may be difficult to celebrate. But why fear, when we are here? Theobroma offers mithais for the Raksha Bandhan celebration. Go check out their e-store and order yourself a treat.
Order Here: Theobroma

10.Conrad Hotel

Desserts you can’t afford to miss! Taking Raksha Bandhan and Friendship Day as an opportunity, indulge in these magical desserts. Share it with your friends and siblings and spread love, after all even they deserve it!
Order Here: Conrad Hotel

11. 11 East Street Cafe

Sweet Treats in Pune

Do you also prefer love in your tummy as much as love in your heart? If that’s a yes, then 11 East Street Cafe is your new go-to place for desserts. But for now, order a plate of dessert and celebrate Friendship Day/Raksha Bandhan with your friends/siblings.
Order Here: 11 East Street Cafe

12. Le Petit Four

Sweet Treats in Pune

Stressed spelled backward is Desserts, and that’s all you need right now. Gift your sibling/friend this perfect cake, and with macrons, it’s just a cherry on top!
Order Here: Le Petit Four

13. Le Petit Amour

Sweet Treats in Pune

That perfect chocolaty pastry that leaves your senses tingling to another universe, is the perfect gift for your sibling this Raksha Bandhan. Le Petit Amour offers desserts that feed the hungry and removes the grumpy. Order Here: Le Petit Amour

14. Anaa’s Baking Studio

Sweet Treats in Pune

Brownies can never go wrong, and Anaa’s Baking Studio is no exception. So, indulge in the magic of love with your siblings or your friends and celebrate to your heart’s content.
Order Here: Anaa’s Baking Studio

Do you know any more Sweet Treats in Pune? Then do let us know in the comments below.

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