The #SaveTheStreetFood campaign is helping street food vendors get back on track for the post COVID world

India is known for its unique cuisine, and you cannot talk about local cuisine without mentioning the street food. Be it Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, or any other city, street food has been around since anyone can remember. The food sold at the street-side stalls were not only indulgent but also affordable. But with the widespread pandemic, street food hasn’t seen the light of the day in months, and we can’t even imagine how the vendors are managing. To help the street food vendor during such tough times, the South Asian Association for Gastronomy (SAAG) has recently launched the #SaveTheStreetFood campaign to revive the dying business.

#SaveTheStreetFood campaign

The SAAG plans to guide the vendors when they set up their stalls again in the post COVID world. Customers might not come flocking as they used to, and that will be the new normal.

One of the biggest concerns of street food post lockdown will be hygiene. Street food is already considered unhygienic by many, and post COVID, that would be a major hurdle that might stop people from accepting street food again.

#SaveTheStreetFood campaign

Trust is another major factor when it comes to street food. How can you be sure the vendor is following the safety protocols? To combat this, SAAG under their #SaveTheStreetFood campaign, is introducing a registration and a certification process for street food vendors once they make sure the vendor is following all the hygiene protocols.

Street food plays a very important role in our life. Whether it’s an evening snack or an indulgent cheat meal, we know how difficult it has been to live without Pani Puris all these months. There’s nothing more we want than the stalls to open up once it’s safe. And with #SaveTheStreetFood campaign, we can definitely see that happening, hoping street food vendors are able to start earning again.

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