With Celebirdy Live, EsselWorld Bird Park brings Interactive Bird Sanctuary to your home!

With all the boredom kicking in because of a prolonged lockdown, entertainment services are trying their best to engage with consumers in new and creative ways. However, EsselWorld has set the standards world apart with the launch of Celebirdy Live.

EsselWorld ‘Celebirdy Live’

In the entire lockdown period, we have had different ways to keep ourselves busy. Be it binge-watching series, exploring new genres of music, learning to cook, working on talents that we left when we were kids, and whatnot. Though, it seems we are sort of bored of all that too. Still, where there is hope, there is a way and Essel World has come up with one of its kind live sessions to keep you sane and hooked.

Celebirdy Live will entail interactive sessions with exotic birds in their natural habitat, right from their newly launched aviary with 500+ Birds across species– EsselWorld Bird Park. This initiative has paved the way for bird enthusiasts. Now, they can interact with ‘winged’ celebrities, or to be precise, ‘Celebirdies’ from the comfort of their own couches without having to step out.

EsselWorld ‘Celebirdy Live’

In the series, you will see the bird handlers strolling around, making us spot free-flying birds one at a time. Apart from interacting with the birds, the show will also take us through amusing stories and facts of the jungle.

This unique edutainment initiative started from 14th July. In their first interactive session, they had their viewers engage with ‘Kick’ a Green Winged Macaw.

Check the youtube video of the session:

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