A local Urdu Daily sticks a mask on its front page in order to spread awareness about the deadly Coronavirus!

To create awareness about the spreading of the virus, a local Urdu Daily sticks a free mask on its front page to give out a clear and loud message on the importance of wearing masks with a subtitle stating, ‘Using masks is important’ and a red arrow pointing towards the mask.

local Urdu Daily sticks mask

“We thought it was important at this time to send out this message to the public, and this was a good way of making them understand the importance of wearing a mask”, said Zahoor Shora, Editor, Roshni.

The creative attempt by the publisher has been highly accoladed on social media.

local Urdu Daily sticks mask

“A newspaper costs around Rs 2 and if the publisher is giving a free mask with it, just because they want people to be aware of its importance, then we must appreciate it. Even though some people read this newspaper at home, it does send out a larger message”, said Zubair Ahmad, a Srinagar resident.

This came after the state of Jammu and Kashmir recorded its highest one day spike of 751 COVID-19 cases. On the same day, 10 new deaths were also registered in 24 hours.

Currently, as there is no vaccine in the country, wearing masks and maintaining social distancing is the key.

This is how the Twitteratis applauded:

Roshni newspaper is now getting famous as a local Urdu Daily sticks a free mask. What do you think about this intelligent initiative?

News Source: India Today

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