India’s largest Kathi Roll can be found in Kolkata! Take the gang who’ll help you finish.

Kathi Roll is one of the most loved street food in India, and especially in the city of Kolkata. The concept of Kathi Roll has said to be originated from here itself. If you are a true foodie, be ready to drool as we start rolling India’s largest Kathi roll.

 Kathi Roll

An eatery named Chef Alladin in Kolkata came up with the concept of Kathi Roll. This 20 inches huge king roll cannot be finished by one person alone. We challenge you to do so.


The Mughlai roll is loaded with three eggs, wide varieties of chicken and mutton kebabs, mayonnaise as well as other sauces, raw onion, and dollops of grated cheese. All these ingredients make up for a perfect blend of tastes to tickle your tongue.


They also have a veg version of the same roll, and that one is full of paneer and mixed vegetables. You’ll be shocked to hear the price of the roll. All of these cost only Rs. 280.

 Kathi Roll

It is worth the taste and the money too. Find yourself a set of friends who you want to share India’s largest Kathi roll with.

Where: Chef Alladin, Kolkata

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