A letter of love to French Fries sprinkled with some salt!

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A letter of love to French Fries sprinkled with some salt!

letter to french fries


Dear French Fries,

I replay the sight when you come to me packed in a box completely crispy sprinkled with salt.

You are loved not just by me but by everyone universally. Your magic makes those rosy lips curve right after the first bite.

I can’t emphasize it enough, how much I crave for you. With every fleeting moment, I would think of the shapes, sizes and the varieties you alter yourself into.

On days both low and high, I scrounge for the sight of you coming out of the oil fresh and fried.

I am in awe with your versatility. Cafe-hopping is nothing without you. Some days you’d come to me crispy and lukewarm sprinkled with peri-peri and paired up with simple tomato ketchup or mayo, other days you’d be your soggy french tossed in sauces with a gobbet of grated mozzarella cheese, or at times topped on thin crust pizza, and always leading the way with the juicy fat burgers I ordered.

Time to think of all the occasions that allow me to rejoice you- everyday, duh!

Whenever someone says comfort food, your name pops up first on my mind. I can never say no to you for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or even post-dinner!

A little bit of you is truly my way of bringing Hygge into my daily life.

Can we re-change the phrase that says ‘We go together like burger and fries’ to ‘We go together like me and fries.’


French Fries Fella

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