Have a Tea Break with these Awesome Indian Tea Brands

This International Tea Day, we bring you Indian tea brands that have delighted chai lovers. From Darjeeling to Japan, these homegrown tea brands have it all.

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 Indian Tea Brands

Whether it's the first sip after you wake up, a warm dose of coziness on a lazy afternoon, or a soothing cuppa right before hitting the bed, Tea is an essential part of our day to day routine. And every time we take a sip, it fills us with comfort. Be it a good 'ol masala chai, delicate Earl Grey, or more exotic butterfly pea and hibiscus tea. There's something for everyone's taste. Check out these versatile Indian tea brands, selling the most luxurious tea we could as for.  

1. Tea Trunk

Tea Trunk
Image Courtesy: Tea Trunk

Tea Trunk was founded in 2013 by Tea Sommelier Snigdha Manchanda to source teas direct from farmers and craft them into unique blends. From black to olong and matcha to caffiene-free options, you can grab the tea you fancy. You can even get custom tea blends, ith thousands of ingredients and access to the finest teas from around the world. There's more, you can get your hands on teas curated specially for concerns like PCOS, sleep care, haircare and more.

2. Organic India

Organic India
Image Courtesy: Organic India

A brand under FabIndia, Organic India is known for it's Tulsi tea. This Delhi based company is one of the popular Indian tea brands and has over 15 varieties of tea, all derived from Tulsi. Be it Tulsi Rose tea, Tulsi Jasmine tea, or Tulsi Earl grey, they bring a good mix of Indian herbs with bestselling flavours.

3. Teabox

Image Courtesy: Teabox

Sourcing their teas straight from the gardens of Darjeeling, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Assam, and Nilgiri, Tea Box aims to provide the freshest teas for you to savour. Their loose leaf tea range from flavours like Kashmiri Saffron Rose Chai, Hibiscus Cinnamon Clove Green, Assam Chardwar Spring Black and more.

4. No 3 Clive Road

No 3 Clive Road
Image Courtesy: No 3 Clive Road

Named after a place in Delhi where her father used to live, Radhika Chopra dwelled deep into her past and brought out a treasure chest of stories and experiences that built this brand. No. 3 Clive Road celebrates tea traditions from India with the finest full leaf teas, handcrafted in small batches in their New Delhi-based atelier using only natural and locally sourced ingredients, connecting you to the producer of your daily tea. From classics like Assam and Darjiling tea to unique blends like Madurai Masala Blend, Jodhpur Blend to Olive Leaf Tea, they have a whole lot for you to select from.

5. Goodwyn Tea

Goodwyn Tea
Image Courtesy: Goodwyn Tea

If you're looking to get your tea directly from the estate, then check out Goodwyn Tea. With 6000-acre tea estates in Assam, they are one of the largest tea producers in India. With over 50 blends to choose from like Darjeeling and Assam specials, we're sure you'll find something suitable. 

6. San-cha Tea Boutique

Sancha Tea
Image Courtesy: Sancha Tea

The brainchild of master tea taster Sanjay Kapur, Sancha Tea has boutiques in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Jaipur, Agra and Gurgaon. They have a wide range of collection, starting from Chai Tea, Black Tea, White tea as well as teas from around the world.

7. The Hillcart Tales

The Hillcart Tales Tea
Image Courtesy: The Hillcart Tales Tea

A sublet of one of the oldest tea brands in Kolkata, A.Tosh & Sons., The Hillcart Tales Tea was established in 2017. Aiming to provide a gourmet range of teas, they buy the finest quality leaves from auctions and private buying from select gardens. Shop from varieties like Assam Ambrosia, Darjeeling Excelsior and several exotic blends.

8. Jugmug Thela

Jugmug Thela
Image Courtesy: Jugmug Thela

We are all fans of fancy teas, but what better than fancy teas packed in fancy bottles? Jugmug Thela is a relatively new Delhi-based company that's on a mission to provide a good cup of tea for your body and soul. Clear up your body with Detox Tea, just chill while sipping Double Mint Tea or indulge in Dhabe Ki Chai.

9. Dharmsala Tea Company

Dharmsala Tea Company
Image Courtesy: Dharmsala Tea Company

What better than getting your tea directly from the tea gardens of Dharmashala? Run by 6th-generation tea planters, you can trust them to give you the best of their produce. Dharmsala Tea Company has tea that ranges from an ayurvedic, caffeine-free, floral blend, to monsoon tea, and even anti-stress teas.

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