Add some greenery to your lives. Order a plant friend from these nurseries delivering in Mumbai

Be it a pot of fresh herbs thriving on your kitchen window, or a prickly rose blooming in your balcony, plants have a way of cheering up our mood. And if you’re planning to experiment with gardening, then there’s no better time than the monsoon. Don’t worry about stepping out during the pandemic. Check out these nurseries delivering in Mumbai.

1. My Passion Green

nurseries delivering in Mumbai

If you love fancy pots for your plants, then you’ll surely love this portal. They also offer a wide range of self-watering pots that are perfect for people who often forget to water their plants. From the Mother-in- Law’s tongue to Aglaonema Lipstick, they have a huge range of indoor foliage to brighten up your rooms.

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Contact: 98192 22290

2. Ferntastica Garden Ltd

nurseries delivering in Mumbai

Literally a paradise on earth, this nursery is the place to check out if you are looking for a personalized planting experience. They have an extensive collection of potted plants to a more elaborate fairy garden, or vertical garden set up. They also provide design and maintenance solutions, so if you’re planning to add some greens in a commercial place, then hit them up.

Order on 8452008999

3. Plant People

nurseries delivering in Mumbai

This cute little nursery in the backyard of a studio will give you gardening goals. From exotic plants like braided Sansevieria, Living stones succulent, Giganteum Variegata to Monstera, they have it all. They even share plant care tips on their Instagram.

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Contact: 87797 82090

4. Root bridges

This nursery has everything from succulents, bonsai, fern, and even kitchen herbs! Not just plants, they also sell a variety of pots, including ceramic, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP), and even biodegradable pots. Some of their recent arrivals include a variety of succulents.

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Contact: 84481 02103

5. GreenLands Plant Nursery

From house plants to services like landscaping, garden development, all your gardening woes will be solved here. And if you’re looking to add some greenery in a tight space, then check out their vertical garden, a perfect way to bring a fresh feel to your home.

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Contact: 84549 96945

6. Vriksha Nursery

nurseries delivering in Mumbai

From your regular saplings to exotic plants, they have a wide range of collections. Check out their exotic plant collection that includes Oxalis corniculata, Hoyas, and two-tone roses. You could also get your hands on carnivorous plants like Venus flytrap or pitcher plants, in case you’re looking for some natural pest control. So, order now with one of the nurseries actively delivering in Mumbai.

Order on 9820704069

7. Ankur Nurseries

nurseries delivering in Mumbai

A breathtaking nursery located in the heart of the city, this nursery is as beautiful as it can get. Get a colourful Fittonias for your work desk, or an orchid tree blooming beautiful white flower, you’ll find every kind of plant. Apart from selling beautiful foliage, they also have an option for you to rent plants, and it could be the perfect solution for a temporary space.

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Contact: 24323379

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