Here’s the reason why CP bars are shutting down!

The most lit area of Delhi is taking a very indifferent turn and facing a slow death. CP is the heart of Delhi. It is the party hub for every night party, an evening meeting spot, or just a simple lunch date point. We all have chugged glasses of beer, hogged on gooey banoffee pies, sipped on a warm cuppa of cappuccino, and keeping all this aside, we all have made truckloads of memories at CP. Though sadly, when you visit next, you will miss out on a lot of your favorite eateries. Here’s the reason why CP bars are shutting down.


Quite a few CP restaurants and bars have already pulled their shutters down permanently. According to industry sources, a lot of restaurants have tried negotiating with their owners. Though, they were not able to come to any solid solution to resolve the issue and could benefit the restaurant owners. More than 50 restaurants have a load of unpaid rents of more than 3 months and are on the verge of coming to a dead halt. A recent suggestion has come in from the restaurants’ side, stating that outdoor dining should be promoted as that can attract more customers.

reason why CP bars are shutting down

The first boom of restaurants came in CP in the year 2014. Followed by the second wave in the year 2017, where over 100 restaurants came to the heart of CP. Sadly, how COVID-19 has curbed a lot of things, one of them is the restaurant industry.

reason why CP bars are shutting down

We hope to see CP revive back to its original funfilled self.

News Source: Hindustan Times

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