Food and Heritage Walk groups of Bengaluru are back in action!

Did you just think that the trend of food and heritage walks will no longer be a thing? If you thought so, you are absolutely wrong. The food and heritage walk groups of Bengaluru are back with all the safety measures according to the situation.


Remember cafe hopping at some of the iconic places in Bangalore for breakfast? Or the tour at VV Puram, Jayanagar, and mouth-watering Awadh food at Frazer town’s Mosque road? With the Pandemic’s unexpected entrance, these are a few things that were terribly missed. However, thankfully the Unlock 1.0 brought with it some sigh of relief, one of them being the re-start of Food and Heritage Walks with all the safety norms being followed to the tee.


According to a recent report, Naveen, who organizes Bengaluru Breakfast Walks, kicked off his first walk post-lockdown. The walk saw some actors and TV personalities like Sihi Kahi Chandru as a part of it. The usual walks saw 50 members at a time, but now it has been decreased to 15 members at a time. The restaurants are also limited to a maximum of two. The food walk members are required to wear masks at all times and carry hand sanitizers. Apart from this, Naveen makes sure that he chooses a spacious restaurant to maintain social distancing. 

Food and Heritage Walk groups of Bengaluru are back

A very famous food tour, Bengaluru by Foot run by Mansoor Ali, has decided to re-start his walks from the month of August. Though, on his heritage walk, he will not take foreign nationals, senior citizens, and children below 15 years. On his heritage food walks, the bustling street of KR Market will be highly missed. 

Food and Heritage Walk groups of Bengaluru are back

Even though a few groups have become or are planning to become functional, Bengaluru Biryani Club by Naveen Thimappa has planned to stay online. They hosted a virtual Biryani meet up during Ramzan. While their members miss meet-ups, but for the safety, prefer staying virtual.

What a moment of joy to see the Food and Heritage Walk groups of Bengaluru spring back to normal, isn’t it?

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