The iconic Khan Market might not be the same post the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives and is expected to affect us for a long time. Although it’s extremely difficult to say when things will go back to normal, it is safe to assume that everything won’t be the same for quite some time. The iconic Khan Market, located in Delhi, is already seeing the impact of the lockdown.

Khan Market

With people stuck inside their homes, it’s difficult for a lot of businesses to stay afloat. Popular book store, Full Circle Bookshop had announced their closure earlier this month, and recently popular eateries like Side Wok, Smokey’s BBQ And Grill, and even Smoke House Deli have shut operations in Khan Market.

Given the high rent and lack of business due to reduced hours, it is understandable that businesses are struggling to manage their expenses. And other eateries, who are still fighting, are expected to shut shop as well. With over 40% of the eateries shut, the Khan market would definitely not be the same.

We hope the shops and eateries which haven’t pulled their shutters down yet, manage to see through the tough time. But only time will tell how the dynamics of the market will change.

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