Balance your Chakras at home with virtual Yoga sessions!

Yoga, as we all know, is an amalgamation of physical, mental, and spiritual discipline born in ancient India. If your definition of pampering yourself includes yoga, don’t worry if you are at home this Yoga Day. We’ve got you covered with some mind-blowing virtual Yoga sessions that you can be a part of sitting at home.

1. Taj

To celebrate International Yoga Day 2020, Taj is organizing a virtual session on the art of practicing Ashtanga Yoga. The virtual session will be streaming live on Instagram. On 21st June, attend the session on Spiritual Well-Being (Dharana & Dhyana) at 5:30 pm from Taj Rishikesh Resort & Spa, Uttarakhand Instagram page.

2. Anahata Retreats

Yoga virtual sessions

After staying indoors for so long, there has been so much that is pent up inside us. It’s time to cleanse the soul and release everything from inside. Kundalini Yoga, a soul detox session with Bijay Anand, will make just everything right. This will happen on the account of International Yoga Day at 9:00 pm IST. For more details about the session, and to get the access pass, visitĀ

3. Atmantan Wellness Resort

On the day of International Yoga Day, Atmantan has taken an initiative to share some inspirational Yoga journeys under the hashtag #whyforyoga. The sole aim behind this phenomenal initiative is to inform everyone to take better care of everyone’s physical and mental health. Listen to these stories and start practicing the art of yoga.

4. Ananda

Yoga virtual sessions

Ananda’s yoga experts are organizing a unique 2-hour workshop introducing key branches of classical yoga- Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, and Karma Yoga. This includes asanas, pranayama, mantra chanting, and meditation. The session will be live on 21st June, from 7:30 to 9:30 am IST. For more details, check onĀ

Attend these virtual Yoga sessions for a wholesome experience.

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