Watch this heartwarming video on #LockdownHunger by Mumbai Food Project

Jun 16, 2020 13:43 IST
Watch this heartwarming video on #LockdownHunger by Mumbai Food Project

With the abrupt implementation of lockdown three months back, a big chunk of the population lost their jobs overnight. With no relief in sight, the migrant labours, who struggled to put food on the table, are now on their journey back home. But even within these migrants, some children still have hopes and dreams. A short video titled #LockdownHunger by Mumbai Food Project narrates the story of one such girl.

The story narrated by a young girl talks about how they are leaving the city, for now, as her father doesn't have a job. She and her cousin Munni, dream of joining the police force when they grow old. But for that you need to be strong and to be strong, you need food, which is scarce. Through #LockdownHunger, Mumbai Food Project is trying to evoke the spirit of Mumbai in Mumbaikars and is urging them to help people in need.

#LockdownHunger by Mumbai Food Project

Although the city is opening up, we can't say for sure when things will go back to normal, and the migrant labourers will get their job back. The girl narrating the story says that their move to their gaon is temporary. And they will be back once things go back to normal. But that's the question she asks everybody. When will the normalcy return?

None of us has an answer to that.

#LockdownHunger by Mumbai Food Project

But the least we can do is to help people like Munni and her family to survive this tough time. And that's what Mumbai Food Project is doing. To date, the project has provided 14 lakh meals and 20 thousand ration kits to the vulnerable community. You can support the cause by donating money here.

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