Do you know about these haunted places in Jaipur?

With 100s of years old castles and palaces, Jaipur was sure to have some interesting ghost stories and haunted places. Be it a fort still haunted by the builder, a village haunted by witches, a bride on the street to screaming noises and evil laughter. If the stories are to be believed, these places are home to some spirits. And if you’re brave enough, check out these places when you next visit Jaipur or maybe can slip it over in your next ghost story session.

1. Delhi-Jaipur Highway


If you’re heading towards Jaipur from Delhi, keep an eye on the road. And do not stop if you see a lady dressed in red saree and gold jewellery. It is said that women died at the spot when she met with an accident, and this spot is 8 km from Jaipur near a Dhaba. People claim to see the lady come in front of the car, and vanish as soon as the car comes to a halt.

2. Nahargarh Fort


One of the prominent forts in Jaipur, Nahargarh Fort, was once part of the city’s defence ring. Formerly known as Sudarshangarh, the name was changed to please the spirit of Nahar Singh Bhomia, who is known to haunt the fort. The name change didn’t please the Rathore Prince, as the king was building the fort at his land. If the tales are to be believed, his spirits still haunt the place, as, during a recent renovation, the engineer responsible for it was found dead under mysterious circumstances at his residence. Although, officials claim that a temple was built in his memory, which has pacified the angry Prince’s spirit.

3. Jal Mahal Palace

haunted places in Jaipur

A palace built in the middle of Man Sagar Lake and four out of its five storeys are submerged. Almost a 300-year-old palace, it is said to be haunted by unknown spirits. People have claimed hearing screams from the place. What once used to be a holiday spot of kings, people now don’t dare to go near it. Many have confessed feeling eerie if visited, and hence going near the palace after sunset is a big no.

4. Jagatpura

haunted places in Jaipur

A popular neighbourhood in Jaipur, Jagatpura, is considered to be haunted by Witches. As per the folklore, the story goes back hundreds of years when the place was ruled by a greedy king. He let his villagers die of starvation due to food deprivation. And the spirits of these villagers are still said to haunt the neighbourhood. Locals have even claimed to see a lady in white saree with long hair covering her face, walking on the roads. Who would dare step out of their homes post-sunset?

5. Bhangarh Fort

Another fort makes it to the list of haunted places in Jaipur. And as per reports, this place has been legally marked haunted by the Archaeological Survey of India. According to visitors, they have seen ghost sightings and heard weird noises, screams, and laughter. As per the story, a magician fell in love with the princess of Bhangarh. To make her fall in love with him, he presented her with a love potion. But the princess was not one to be fooled easily. She saw through his trick and hence was punished with a death sentence. It is said that the magician cursed the fort before his death. Soon after, the fort was destroyed in a battle and has been haunted ever since. Not only one of the haunted places in Jaipur but also one of the spookiest forts in Asia.

6. Kuldhara Village

haunted places in Jaipur

An abandoned village in the outskirts of Jaipur, this place is slowly becoming a tourist attraction. There are multiple stories on why the village is abandoned, but the fact that it is considered haunted could be one. Although locals living nearby don’t believe in the ghostly stories, a team from the Indian Paranormal Society claimed the presence of paranormal activities in the area. They claimed to experience moving shadows, haunting voices, and talking spirits. They even discovered unexplained scratch marks on their car and children’s footprints nearby.

7. NH-79 Near Dudu Village

haunted places in Jaipur

There’s something about Highways near Jaipur. This highway that connects Ajmer and Udaipur is also known as The Blood Thirsty Highway. The story about this highway goes far back when child marriage was common. As hearsay goes, the mother was trying to flee her town with her daughter, to save her from child marriage. But unfortunately, they met with an accident while trying to cross the highway. Their spirits are said to haunt a small stretch of road and ask of lift to passerby. There have even been reports of people being stuck in the 15-minute stretch and cross the same milestones again and again.

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