Here’s how you can be monsoon ready in your home in times of COVID-19

With two cyclones in opposite sides of the country, a lot of us have welcomed monsoon in an eventful manner. But this is just the beginning. As we slowly creep into the monsoon months, rain is only gonna get heavier and winds stronger. Our homes don’t react the same way to the monsoon, as they do to other seasons. There’s high moisture in the air and barely any sunlight, keeping our home susceptible to germs, moulds, and fungi. You surely don’t wanna live in a place like that. And with the times of Coronavirus, it is difficult to sanitize yourself and home to ensure hygiene, as we all know, the virus stays longer on wet surfaces. Worry not, we got some easy tips and hacks to help you monsoon ready in your home.

Tip 1 – Disinfect

With COVID-19 still in the picture and increasing cases in many cities, disinfecting your home should be a priority. Disinfect surfaces, countertops, doorknobs, and even fruits and vegetables. You don’t need to buy disinfectant sprays, in fact, there are lots of methods available using vinegar, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, or bleach. For fruits and vegetables, it is advised to clean under running water or soak them in water with baking soda and not to use soap. Clean your phones with disinfectant wipes, sanitizers, or 90% rubbing alcohol solution.

Tip 2- Stock your pantry

Stock, not hoard. That’s the mantra to be followed now. If your supermarket is well stocked, then it would be better to buy dry ration for at least a few weeks. You don’t want to step out frequently in a pandemic, especially during monsoon. Food items like rice, pulses, and dry snacks can be stored enough to avoid stepping out during rains. Also, when shopping for food, avoid green veggies for now, as they could be carrying pests, thanks to the monsoon.

Tip 3- Seal the gaps

monsoon ready your home

Monsoon ready your home by sealing gaps. Be it a little gap in the window frame, or the door. Use a good quality silicone sealant, and you can forget about water seeping in. Also, take a look at hinges and make sure there are no loose screws.

Tip 4 – Save the furniture

monsoon ready your home

With high moisture in the air, it is easy for the wooden furniture to get spoiled. One of the easiest ways would be to clean your furniture regularly with a dry cloth. Or you could coat your furniture with Tung oil and let it dry.

Tip 5 – Dry clothes faster

One of the biggest challenges during monsoon is drying clothes after washing. Although there’s no magical solution to this problem, you can try out this trick. Instead of putting clothes directly on the rope, dry them on hangers. This will give enough space for your clothes to air dry. For a face mask, you should wash them regularly with hot water, detergent, and a disinfectant solution. Small items are usually easy to dry, so give it a good squeeze and leave it to dry in a ventilated room. Iron it later for a fresh feel.

Tip 6 – Goodbye carpets


Although carpets give your home a comfy feel, it’s better to pack it away for the monsoon. The combination of dirty feet and moisture only means bad news for carpets, which can become a breeding ground for germs. You can also dry clean your carpet with a carpet cleaner, and you’ll be treated with a clean carpet for your happy feet.

Tip 7 – Remove stagnant water


Stagnant water is never a good idea, but during monsoon, you won’t even realize where all water is getting stored around your house. Keep an eye on plant tray, refrigerator’s water tray, or any other vessel that can collect water. Be sure to dispose them off immediately if you don’t want the company of mosquitoes and viruses for the rest of the season.

Tip 8 – Ventilate your home

monsoon ready your home

Monsoon makes everything feel damp and wet, and ventilation becomes a major factor during this time. If the weather is sunny or windy with no rains, open up your windows and door and let your home breathe some fresh air. Sunlight, although scares during this season, is very important to keep your home germs and virus-free, and it also adds a happy vibe.

Tip 9 – Move your plants

Monsoon is a great time for plants, but for the ones in your garden or balcony, it may not be the best. Not all plants want a continuous supply of water and being in rain for the entire season can do more harm than good. So move them under a shade. Alternatively, house plants are not the best idea for monsoon, as they can increase the moisture content of the air and make it worse.

Tip 10 – Try aromatherapy

monsoon ready your home

The calming aroma of different oils not only puts you in a good mood but also does wonders for your home. You can try cinnamon oil, tea tree oil, clove oil among others to help with the dampness, and even fight against molds. This is one of the best ways to monsoon ready your home.

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