Mumbaikars, major missing Mumbai monsoons? Go devour for a virtual tour!

We all have cursed the virus or the year 2020 for several reasons. Haven’t we? Well, there is one more reason for us all to curse this doom year even more. Monsoon is right around the corner, but we are stuck at home. And that’s terrible! We are sure there must be one particular thing that you must have experienced in Mumbai monsoons, but this year, we all are going to the feeling of major monsoon missing. We get it! That’s why we are taking you on a virtual tour with a list of things that we loved doing every monsoon in Mumbai but will, unfortunately, miss a taste of it in 2020!

1. Going for a hike

Hiking is like a weekend ritual in monsoons. Each and every hike becomes more adventurous around this time. Just imagine hiking up a mountain with a slight drizzle and the beautiful smell of wet sand that comes to please our soul every time it rains. Which trek will you miss the most Kalsubai, Kanheri, or Garbett point?

2. Long scenic drives

Mumbai Monsoons

It is not advisable to drive during rains in Mumbai. But let’s admit we all love going for a long drive with no destination in mind just to have a taste of monsoon. The sound of the wipers, wiping down the water and droplets shredding down your window. It is such a wholesome feeling. Every time it rains one drive on sea link is mandatory to admire its beauty, or if you love going far then Lonavala it is, hogging on some Bhuttas on your way and on reaching eating those delicious cheese pakoras at tiger point along with ‘pahado wali Maggi’!

3. Catching a train to Lonavala

We bet there is nothing like it. A train to Lonavala can leave you awe-struck during monsoons. The train route is lusciously green, and we are not kidding, it gets better with each rainy season. The clouds descend to the level of your train, and you can witness some beautiful waterfalls cutting from between the rocky mountains. It is definitely a sight to behold!

4. Stroll around Marine Drive

Mumbai Monsoons

This is the most common one, but all of us equally love doing it. Don’t we? As Mumbaikars, we love witnessing the water hitting the boulders, leaving you drenched with its splashes. It doesn’t stop here, we also love going gaga over the clouds rumbling, the beautiful skyline, and the Bombay Cutting Chai.

5. Walkthrough Sanjay Gandhi National Park

We all love the shades of green, don’t we? That’s why this National Park witnesses many visitors this season, for a casual walk to feel the cool breeze, or just go for a picnic outing with the loved ones and take a break from the busy city life. As of now, say no more to picnics! internally sobbing

6. A Ferry Ride

Mumbai Monsoons

Ferry rides are not suggested in heavy monsoon. But before that, taking a ferry ride is a mesmerizing experience. Most of the ferry rides start from the Gateway of India. Rides on these boats can give you a spectacular view of the city, especially when combined with the greys of Mumbai monsoons.

7. Leisure walk at Juhu or Girgaon Chowpatty

The majority of people come here to see the sea growl and hit the shore. Beaches make your monsoon experience a lot more delightful. Imagine being completely drenched in rain, hogging on some hot Pav Bhaji, or some freshly fried bhajjyas with the pitter-patter of rain in the background. It is indeed a jaw-dropping experience!

8. Sipping on Hot Chocolate

When it rains, the weather is no doubt, a little cold, and we all need something warm to keep us cozy. Sipping on that hot chocolate is no less than an emotion. Shivering a little and enjoying the view as the water droplets fall on the cafe window, is a blissful experience.

9. Relishing some fresh fish at your favorite food joint

Many famous restaurants serve authentic seafood, and what’s a better time than monsoon to gorge on some delicious freshly caught and cooked fish. Even the thought of it is making us hungry.

Is there anything that we missed about the Mumbai monsoons. Let us know in the comment sections below! Also, tell us about your favorite experience.

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