World No Tobacco Day: Quit smoking with the help of these anti-tobacco organisations

Tobacco is consumed in multiple ways, it can be in the form of cigarettes, chewing tobacco or smoking hookah. And the fact that it is easily available doesn’t help fight it. With a high-stress lifestyle, people are ready to do whatever it takes to get a sense of happiness. And that’s exactly what the Nicotine in such product does. But on the flip side, there are not only people who are staying away from the death cage of tobacco but also helping others. Here are a few anti-tobacco organisations to raise awareness about substance.

NIMHANS – Tobacco Cessation Centre

anti-tobacco organisations

One of the government organizations hoping to fight the war against tobacco. This organization set in Banglore is ready to help whoever asks for it. Their Tobacco Cessation Centre is ready to help people who are willing to quit smoking or chewing tobacco and tobacco-containing products.

Sarvam Health

A neuropsychiatric centre based in Delhi and Mumbai, Sarvam works towards battling various kinds of addiction, including Tobacco. And to help people to get rid of the addiction, they follow an extensive system called Diagnosis-Planning-Intervention (DPI) Process. Right from checking how eager the patient is to quit, to forming a personalized rehabilitation plan. This process focuses on every new patient as a unique case.

Tobacco Intervention Initiative

anti-tobacco organisations

Working towards eradicating tobacco addiction in the country, TII is making sure it provides tobacco intervention in as many health centres as possible. Apart from working directly with the patients, the Mumbai based TII also hosts public events and activities to raise awareness against the use of tobacco products.

Piramal Swasthya

One of the biggest NGOs in public health care, Piramal Swasthya, has been working towards various causes, including mental health, Child, and Adolescent Health. Tobacco consumption has been directly linked to cancer, and the organization aims to combat it. With D.E.S.H. (Detect early & save her/him), the Hyderabad based foundation has launched a community-based cancer screening program that addresses oral cancer amongst others.

Art of Living

anti-tobacco organisations

Probably one of the more well-known anti-tobacco organisations, Art of Living is a Bengaluru based educational and humanitarian organization. Working mostly towards a calm lifestyle. They categorize tobacco addiction as a lifestyle problem, along the lines of improper nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle. And plan to curb them with holistic prevention and wellbeing program, which promotes physical and mental fitness.

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