Mumbai based dancer Kanchi Shah talks about how can dance help during a pandemic

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Mumbai based dancer Kanchi Shah talks about how can dance help during a pandemic

Times are testing and can often find us feeling anxious, stressed, and uncertain. Dancing is one such way of keeping these feelings at bay. Dance can help keep our spirits lifted and fulfilled. It is a dynamic form of communication with yourself and the world around you. We can convey emotions, fears, encouragement through the movement of your body, and the expressions on your face. And that's why dancer Kanchi Shah is doing everything possible to make dance a part of our lifestyle.

Kanchi Shah

“You can't move outside but you can move inside. It gives mankind a chance to enjoy the treasured gift of music, visually. To keep my dance community-engaged I’m teaching more kids than adults currently. Cause at a time like this they need more attention and care," says Kanchi Shah.

For someone who has been on the dance journey for the last 14 years. Kanchi feels that dance can bring people together. "All dancers and choreographers, nationally and internationally have come together on social media. And are sharing their choreographies, ideas which are being followed by everyone eager to learn dance or just enjoy themselves.” Says Kanchi Shah, who has been spearheading Two Right Feet for the last 7 years.


With the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, streets are empty, businesses are closed, and the hustlers are indoors. The world may seem paused, but it never truly freezes. Dancers like Kanchi Shah are finding ways to continue spreading the joy of dancing through Live Sessions, E workouts, Zoom classes. Broadcasting on E-channels has become the new classroom for all dance enthusiasts.

Dancing is one of the few ways to stay connected and moving during these difficult times. So Rejuvenate your minds, enhance your mood, get fit, and shake up those neurons. Today dance is travelling across borders, religions, mindsets, and bringing the citizens of the world together to Stay Positive and Optimistic during COVID -19.

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