Update Bibliophiles! One of Asia’s biggest library is in Rajasthan!

We all know about the famous forts of Rajasthan and their grandeur. Don’t we? But do we know that Asia’s biggest library is in Rajasthan? One treasure trove that didn’t catch our sight is the underground library, situated beneath a temple in Bhadariya village of Pokaran Tehsil in Jaisalmer district.

biggest library is in Rajasthan

This gold mine for book lovers has a collection of over 9,00,000 books! Can you believe that? Deep down in the Thar Desert, this library is 16,000 feet underground. A seating capacity of 4,000 people lists it under one of Asia’s biggest library.

biggest library is in Rajasthan

History of the Library

Asia’s biggest library is in Rajasthan, constructed by Harbansh Singh Nirmal, also known as Bhadariya Maharaj. The collection of books traces back to the year 1998 when various people gifted him books on different occasions. He also funded to construct a temple of goddess here. According to the villagers, Maharaja himself stayed in the library and read almost all the books.

The books in the library are from different regions and genres. They range from science, astronomy, astrology, history, and not just this one can also find dictionaries, atlas, and epics in this Oasis of knowledge.

biggest library is in Rajasthan

Book paradise features 562 glass shelves, all the books are well-preserved and made available to scholars and researchers visiting the library from across the globe.

The library is now looked after by the villagers and the temple devotees. Why visit any other library, when Asia’s biggest library is in Rajasthan, #VocalforLocal.

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