Meet Dr. Sunita Dube, whose campaign We Doctors is helping protect doctors from the deadly virus

Mumbai based Dr. Sunita Dube is not only helping doctors stay safe. But also coming up with a protocol to fight the virus

A virus that has captured over 120 countries and has brought even the strongest medical practices on its knees. It is rather normal for us to be worried about our future. In India, government hospitals have a reputation for being dirty and uncomfortable, and private hospitals ask you to shell out your live shavings and more, it leaves only a small number of people who can afford good health care. And the COVID19 pandemic set fear in people’s hearts for the same reason. The early news of the lack of PPE equipment for the doctors and nurses didn’t help either.

Dr Sunita Dube providing PPE kits

We Doctors

Many individuals and organisations came forward to help the front line workers. Dr. Sunita Dube, the founder of MedscapeIndia, also started a similar initiative. Her campaign We Doctors not only wants to keep the doctor safe but is also working towards a corona free world.

Dr Sunita Dube

A radiologist by profession, Dr. Sunita Dube, wants to bring in a smooth treatment process. While sticking to the protocols during handling of Corona Positive patients, she has come up with a standard operation protocol that includes online medical guidance, counseling, quarantine process & hygiene.

Impressed by her initiative, 5000+ doctors from across the country have joined the cause and are remotely associated with MEDSCAPEINDIA.

Going back to the supply of PPE kits, the campaign’s one of the biggest commitments is to provide doctors with Hamza Suit and PPE.

Drawing attention to the severity of the situation, Dr. Sunita Dube says “Every doctor deserves safety while working. Whether it is a private, government, or general practitioner, they need safety from not only corona but also physical assault. PPE kits are costly and mostly unavailable. There is a large number of patients which are being handled by doctors in private clinics and hospitals which is approximately 80% outpatient care and 60 % inpatient care in India, which are exposed to the virus and their complications in the current situation.”

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