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Ever since the liquor stores were allowed to open, we have been on cloud 9, waiting to head to the store and get our choice of poison. But within a day, many states withdrew the permission due to overcrowding. The next proposed solution was home delivery, but do you have any idea where to order from? Although there has been news of Zomato starting liquor delivery, there’s no concrete announcement yet. In fact, states have now come up with their own way of making sure you get your dose of booze. Be it an online token system or home delivery, each state has a different approach. Here’s how you can order alcohol online in the following states.


order alcohol online

Maharashtra has the highest number of cases, and it is extremely risky to let people queue up in front of a liquor store. And to solve the issue, the Maharashtra government has decided to go for a token system. Although you need a permit to buy alcohol, you can apply for the same here. Doorstep delivery is permitted but would depend on individual stores. Alternatively, you can book your booze by contacting your local store and collect it from the store at the given time slot. The service won’t be available in Mumbai and Nagpur.


order alcohol online

The Delhi government has completely digitized the process of ordering alcohol. You can simply register yourself here. In simple steps, fill your details, select the wine shop, and select the items you want to order. Next, you’ll be provided with e-token mentioning the time during which you’ll have to pick your order from the store. The website only takes 50 orders an hour, so keep an eye.

West Bengal

West Bengal is one of the few states where you can actually order alcohol online and get it delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is to go on the State Beverages Corporation website, register yourself, place an order, and get it delivered. Yes, it’s that easy!


order alcohol online

There’s no need for registration if you’re in Punjab to get your booze. Although home delivery is permitted, each household only gets a max of two liters. Strick guidelines have been imposed on delivery personals as well, who need to carry a pass. You can still visit your local shop, but no more than five people would be allowed outside the shop.


order alcohol online

For people living in Chandigarh, all you need to do is install this app on your phone. Register and select the drink of your choice, place the order, and get it delivered on your doorstep.

Tamil Nadu

To get your hand on your favourite beer in Tamil Nadu, you’ll have to go through the token system. Call up your nearby store to book your order and reach the store at the designated time. Each shop can issue 500 tokens, so there would be enough for everyone. Although there’s news about ordering online through the TASMAC app, no such app is available on Play Store at the time of writing this article.

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