Here’s how you can help the cattle farms during the lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has come down hard on all of us. While some of us are struggling with poor wifi connections, some people who are making our lives a little better right now, are unable to feed their cattle because of the dip and uneven payments. Milk sales have faced massive drop since the lockdown and making it difficult for the farmers to feed their cattle. The cows easily consume 25 kgs of food per day.

help the cattle farms

But you can help the cattle farms by donating a small amount of money. This initiative is taken by the Bodhi Shop and by just sparing Rs 350 for the cattle, you can make sure four cows have enough food for the day The donation website also has the details of all the farms this help will reach. 

Not only humans but our animals who have always been on our side needs our aid. So go on and help the cattle farms, even small amount counts.

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