Pune polices goes tech-savvy: launches an app to track quarantined patients!

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Pune polices goes tech-savvy: launches an app to track quarantined patients!

app to track quarantined patients


Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, the government has advised suspected patients to quarantine themselves. But many such people are throwing caution to the wind and are breaking the protocol. To help keep track of such people, the Police will take the help of an app to check on the quarantined patients.

Developed by a Pune-based private IT company, this app uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology clubbed with geotagging and facial recognition to keep track of quarantined citizens. According to the Pune Police Commissioner, the app will be launched on Saturday and will save the police from house-trips to home quarantined patients.



This app to track quarantined patients has to be installed on every home-quarantined patients' phone. They will need to register themselves using details including name, contact number and a selfie. After registration, the app verifies the details against the existing master list of patients. Once approved, the patient can mark their attendance in the form of a selfie along with real-time location tagging.

Once the patient marks their attendance, the data is then cross-checked with the registered information using a complex algorithm. The local authorities can set the frequency of attendance.

We hope the role of tech increases and helps our task force in combatting the pandemic Coronavirus, and after all, take some load off too. Patients al must follow protocols to help reduce transmission.

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