This website by Pune government will help monitor Home-quarantined patients

As the numbers of Coronavirus cases are climbing up, it is becoming increasingly difficult for government officials to keep a track of suspected patients and to also monitor the home- quarantined patients. And, to curb the same, Pune Zilla Parishad has launched a website government to keep a record of potential patients of the novel Coronavirus.

Website by Pune government

Doctors or individuals can register themselves on the website by the Pune government by using their mobile number. According to officials, citizens who recently returned from a foreign trip can use this website to update the officials about their travel history. The self-reported individual will have to update their information every 12 hours. This will help doctors to keep track of suspected patients.

Similarly, if a doctor comes across a suspected case, they can also report it to the state officials through the website.


This Website by the Pune government will not only help create a database of patients and potential suspects but also help officials stay in touch with the citizens.

You can check the website here

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