Good News! Police Is Issuing E-Passes for Navi Mumbai To Citizens To Buy Essentials

Stepping out to buy groceries, medicines, or other essentials during the times of Coronavirus lockdown is a bit of a troublesome task. But Police of Navi Mumbai has found a solution to the citizen’s plight and are issuing e-passes for Navi Mumbai that allows them to step out to shop the essentials and to prevent crowding at market places.

e-passes for Navi Mumbai

According to the sources, the Navi Mumbai Police have received more than 2,000 applications seeking permission to step out. Ideally, the approval or rejection of the application takes around an hour and a half, and the police force is rejecting applications of people who are applying to travel unnecessarily outside Navi Mumbai. The e-passes for Navi Mumbai would have time, source, and destination of the applicant. After approval, the e-pass will be sent to the applicants’ registered mobile numbers. The applicant will have to produce a government ID and the phone used to book the e-pass.

Any resident’s application undergoes four levels of scrutinization, and the final authoritative decision is taken by the Assistant Commissioner of Police at Navi Mumbai Police Control Room.

e-passes for Navi Mumbai

The residents need to carry identity proof, or else the e-pass will be invalid. The Police force has clarified that the e-pass does not give the liberty to roam around, and while residents are stepping out, the e-pass holder should take the precautions and wear masks, hand gloves and maintain social distancing.

You can apply for an e-pass here!

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