As Delhi Goes Under Lockdown, These Services To Remain Open!

Delhi is under lockdown amidst the prevention steps taken against the spread of Coronavirus among the commuters, and gatherings. In such cases, if you are thinking how will you procure the daily grocery, medicines, or cash, do not panic, the necessary services will be functioning normally. Check out the services that are open in Delhi Lockdown. Needless to say, step out, only if it is necessary.


Which Services Will Be Open?

  • Offices charged with law and order and magisterial duties
  • Police
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Pharmaceutical shops
  • Fire
  • Groceries
  • Milk Plants
  • Municipal services
  • Print and electronic media
  • ATMs
  • Telecom, internet, and postal services
  • Takeaway/home delivery in restaurants
  • Petrol pumps, LPG/Oil Agencies, including their godown & Transportation-related activities.
  • E-commerce of all essential goods including food, pharmaceutical, and medical equipments.

It is time for us to stay indoors, for us and others to protect us from the pandemic that is taking a toll on us and has affected more than 3 Lakh people globally.




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