Beat the Quarantine blues with these easy home exercises

Mar 20, 2020 15:14 IST
Beat the Quarantine blues with these easy home exercises

Almost the entire country is on lockdown, and most of us are working from home. And even if you're not a part of the workforce, we're sure you're not able to go out and follow your daily routine. Well, during such testing times, it's better to follow protocol and stay safe. But if you're feeling as if your body is getting rusted and want a way to flex your muscles, then we have got a solution for you. Fitness is (or should be) an important part of our lives. But you don't need heavy machinery and equipment to keep yourself fit. Right? Check out some easy to do home exercises, courtesy to our favorite fitness bloggers.

Just Warming Up

Let's loosen up those joints and start our workout with some stretching. Here Zareen Siddique (@fitwithzareen) shows us five types of stretching exercises.

Do The Cardio

After warming up, it's time for some cardio. And no, you won't have to step out or buy a treadmill. Krish (@getfitwithkrish) tells you how.

It's Time To Focus On The Core

Now let's work on our core and get rid of the layer of fat we are collecting by munching all day. Or if you're already into fitness, then this could be a step forward into achieving those perfect abs. Over to Namrata Purohit (@namratapurohit)

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Bye Bye Saggy Arms

Time to build some muscle power in your biceps and triceps. And no, you don't need any weights, just a resistance band. Check out how to perform this.

No More Being Couch Potato

Missing the feel of using gym equipment? How about you turn your couch into one? Krish has some interesting workouts for you to try, and that too with your couch. Here are some exercises to tone your arms, core, and legs.

Yoga Se Hoga

How can we forget our very own Yoga? If you are not into hard corm gyming and exercising, we recommend you start with warming up your body with Yoga exercises. Check out some interesting yoga poses by Zareen.

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