Overwhelmed by all the Coronavirus news? Mumbai Doctors have set up COVID-19 Helpline to answer your queries for free!

A team of 26 doctors has come together to not just fight against the pandemic, but also the panic and misinformation spreading amongst the masses. They have launched Coronavirus helpline numbers and are there to answers any queries regarding the pandemic.

The doctors from Mumbai have teamed up to help you in case you show symptoms of Coronavirus. Or even if you have queries regarding the precautions to take.

The helpline was set up on 16 March and till now has answered over 30,000 queries from people in the country as well as NRIs.

The team of 26 doctors have divided themselves into four slots of four hours each and are accepting calls from 8 in the morning till midnight.

This is being done to reduce the pressure on treatment centers and assist people from not panicking. Since a lot of people had queries about self-quarantine, the team also sent across Whatsapp messages explaining the correct way to self-isolate.

You can reach out to the following Coronavirus helpline numbers at the mentioned time slots with any queries you have regarding the virus. It’s better to be safe and not fall in the trap of wrong or half-baked information.

Coronavirus Helpline

From 8 am to noon

Dr. Tushar Shah 9321469911
Dr. M Bhatt 9320407074
Dr. D Doshi 9820237951
Dr. D Rathod 8879148679
Dr. R Gwalani 8779835257
Dr. D Kansara 8369846412

From noon to 4 pm

Dr. G Kamath 9136575405
Dr. S Manglik 9820222384
Dr. J Jain 7021092685
Dr. A Thakkar 9321470745
Dr. L Bhagat 9820732570
Dr. N Shah 9821140656
Dr. S Phanse 8779328220
Dr. J Shah 9869031354

From 4 pm to 8 pm

Dr. N Zaveri 9321489748
Dr. S Ansari 7045720278
Dr. L Kedia 9321470560
Dr. B Shukla 9321489060
Dr. S Halwai 9867379346
Dr. M Kotian 8928650290

From 8 pm to 11 pm

Dr. N Kumar 8104605550
Dr. P Bhargav 9833887603
Dr. R Chauhan 9892135010
Dr. B Kharat 9969471815
Dr. S Dhulekar 9892139027
Dr. S Pandit 9422473277

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