Book your tickets, coz Mumbai multiplexes will now stay open 24*7

Earlier this year, the news of eateries and malls allowed to stay open 247 in Mumbai made the Mumbaikar night owls extremely happy. But, it left one very important kind of our nightlife – movie watching! Every Friday a new movie comes up and so are film fanatics are trying their best to catch a screening. But sometimes we’re busy during the week juggling all sorts of work. And come at the weekends, the ticket prices skyrocket! But worry not, March end comes with even better news. Now Mumbai multiplexes will function 247 too. Isn’t that great news?

Enjoy movies around the clock with multiplexes in Mumbai which will work 24*7

Starting 24th March 2020, you’ll be able to shop your heart out till late at night. And even catch a late late-night show post that. And since they’re open all night, you might as well shift your binging session here.

The first movie to enjoy the extra screening time will be Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan, and Ranveer Singh starrer Sooryavanshi. Director Rohit Shetty even preponed the release date of his upcoming cop-drama one day before Gudi Padwa, for the viewers to enjoy the movie late night and relax and celebrate the festival the next day. We’re already checking the upcoming movies and planning our next night out. Are you planning too?

Yes, it’s great news, but there’s a catch! Although Mumbai multiplexes will stay open 24*7, the new rule does not cover bars and pubs. Hence they will be shut by 1.30. So plan your night accordingly. Well, Mumbai streets have always something to offer, at any point in time, even the nights. So, get the movie binge on!

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