Have a taste of Korean cuisine with Seoul Food February at Foodhall Mumbai!

With a perfect balance of spices, rich broth, and crispy fried bits, Korean cuisine brings the best the culinary industry could provide under one umbrella. And to give you the authentic taste of the same, Foodhall is bringing Seoul Food February.

A month-long celebration of Korean food, you can find various popular Korean food. Try a sample of Gochujang – a spicy fermented chili paste, and to explore this condiment even further, there will be Gochujang mayonnaise, Spicy Radish salad with Gochujang and even Gochajang Hummus.

Head to the demo counter and savour in some hearty Bibimbap, a Korean version of Buddha bowl, this dish is packed with rice, raw, and cooked vegetable and your choice of meat. Topped with smoky and spicy Gochujang sauce, this dish is a flavour bomb.

Do try Korea’s national dish Tongba Chu Kimchi. It is a traditional Korean side dish made with vegetables and seasonings.

No Korean cuisine is complete without the authentic Korean Barbecue, and at Foodhall, you’ll find proper barbecue setups with grills and spices which you can also try and buy.

Korean cuisine

Sweeten up your palate with Green Tea Nokcha Swiss Roll and Korean Cream Cake.

Want to whip up your own Koren meal? Then get your hands on the Korean stir fry kit. The kit consists of julienned peppers, zucchini, carrot, onions, snow peas, broccoli, scallions, garlic, gochujang paste, toasted sesame seeds & sesame oil. Serve the stir fry with noodles, and you’ll be the favourite chef in the house.

Where: Palladium (Lower Parel), Vama (Pedder Road) and Linking Road
When: Till 29 February

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