Delhi NGO Organizes Period Feast To Break The Menstruation Taboo!

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Delhi NGO Organizes Period Feast To Break The Menstruation Taboo!

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Menstruation has always been a taboo in India, and even after multiple awareness campaigns by brands, NGO’s and government, we hear comments hard to comprehend. A similar comment was made by Swami Krushnaswarup Dasji that went viral last week was disheartening and sick. According to him, menstruating women who cook food for their husbands will be reborn as dogs in their next life. Well, Dasji are you even for real? This Period feast came days after a misogynistic comment by a religious leader.

Traditionally women have been kept away from the kitchen while menstruating, and such statements don’t help with the fight against the taboo that women are going through since forever.

The period fest fed over 300 people

period feast

Fortunately, over the years, women have learned to not pay heed to such comments, and come back stronger to tell the world what they deserve. Sachhi Saheli, an NGO in Delhi, found an unusual (read In your face) retort by throwing a Period Feast. The lunch was cooked by 28 menstruating women and was served to over 300 guests.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and activist Kamla Bhasin also attended the event. Kudos to Dr. Surbhi Singh, Founder of the NGO for such a positive and welcoming initiative.

On the lighter note, a reply to so-called "Swami Krushnaswarup Dasji", in Rachael's style, No Uterus, No Opinion!

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