Single on Valentine’s Day? Fear no, here are some fun events you can check out in Mumbai

With everyone going all out on Valentine’s Day, you might feel lonely without any company. But it’s time to brush off the blues and get your singles gang together. If you are single on Valentine’s Day, then attend a special singles party, or go out for a weekend getaway, or if you are ready to mingle, we have found you an event where you can find your date for the day, or maybe forever.

Valentine’s Treat for Singles at The Resort

It’s the day to celebrate love, so why not celebrate self-love? Head to The Resort and treat yourself with a specially designed luscious course meal. Start with Pan Seared Fish with thyme beurre blanc, next on the list is Tofu and Eggplant Hunan Style. Save some space for desserts like Berry Creme Brulee, Rose Meringue Heart, Fruit Truffle and Chocolate Strawberry. After you are done enjoying the yummy meal, check out some outdoor sports activities. The activity zone will host sports like Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Air Rifle Shooting, Archery, String Balance, Commando Bridge, Air Obstacle, and many more.

Where: Aksa Gaon, Malad West
When: 14 February

Single’s Week at Irish House

Single on Valentine’s Day

It is all about celebrating singlehood at Irish House this week, and they are all set with hoards of special games and some potent drinks for you.
Enjoy being single on Valentine’s Day with a good dose of alcohol, and the bartenders are taking it a notch higher with the potent range of special singles’ themed LIIT’s. Chug down The Heartless Narcissist – a concoction of Whiskey, Brandy, Martini Rosso, Irish cream topped with Coke, or pick Frozen Painkiller – with White Rum, Dark Rum, Gold Rum, Vodka, Whiskey, Gin, Tequila, Brandy, house-made Triple Sec, Kiwi Crush, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice and an overturned bottle of Ginger Beer.
You can also try this not so famous kind of Ex-Boxing, punch a bag while picturing the ‘one who should not be named’. Well, we are not saying, you are thinking. Sounds cool? You could also win a free beer, just give a quirky answer to why you like being single, and tada, the beer prize is yours.

Where: Multiple Location
When: 14 to 23 February, 12 noon onwards

Single’s trip to Udhewadi Village

Single on Valentine’s Day

Want to completely escape Valentine’s Day hype in the city? Then join other fellow singles and venture on a two day trip to a nearby village. Camp in a forest at the edge of Western Ghats and take in the beauty of mother nature. The trip starts with an off-road trail from Kunhe Villag to the campsite at Udhewadi Village at Rajmachi, just in time to catch the magnificent sunset. Enjoy some tea and snacks, and get settled in your camps and the rest of the evening socializing around the campfire and sing underneath the starlit sky. Day two starts with a trek to the fort, followed by a visit to a nearby temple. Head back to the campsite for lunch before making your way back home.

Where: Multiple Pick up points
When: 15 February

LOL Speed Dating

Single on Valentine’s Day

Being Single on Valentine’s Day can be tough, and if you are looking to change your relationship status then head to this speed dating session. You get to meet singles of your age group, and after eight minutes of interaction with each participant, you score them. If you find someone you really connect with and they feel the same way, then you can exchange contact and go on a real date. Enjoy some nice snacks as you talk to your potential future partner.

Where: Beer Café, New Link Rd, Malad, Malad West
When: 14 February, 5 pm

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