Chandigarh vali winters- Things to look out for!

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Chandigarh vali winters- Things to look out for!

With the mercury dipping low and the city beautiful covered in the blanket of fog, this time of the year makes Chandiland all the more mystical. Here is a list of things to make the most out of Chandigarh vali winters

Jaggery (Gurh) shopping

Life motto- Mittha Khao, mittha bolo (Eat sweet, talk sweet!)

Jaggery shopping


On the outskirts of Chandigarh (Punjab side) are lustrous green sugarcane fields, and this is the harvest season. Drive through and watch the process of fresh jaggery and shakkar making and eat lots of it too! 

Note of caution: Makki ki roti and sarso ka saag is a deadly combination but, have you tried Makki ki roti with shakkar and white butter yet?

All things, bright and beautiful!

flower blossom

This is the season when flowers blossom in full glory, and the city hosts an array of shows and festivals. The most popular is the Chrysanthemums Show in December and the Rose Festival in February. 

(We might have just given you the perfect locations for those surreal display pictures on all your social media handles!)

Where: Terrace Garden, Rose Garden

Uphill gedhi

Uphill gedhi


Want to enjoy the feeling of floating over the clouds? (literally). Drive uphills for a short one-day getaway and experience the beauty of Himalayan winters. Roll down the windows and soak in the winter chill, look out for pine cones, corn on the cob, and piping hot Maggi points throughout!

Popular spots: Timber trail, Barog Hills, Kasauli, Ishar sweets, Sadhu pul

Note: Do check the weather forecast for hailstorm/ snowfall predictions before setting out.

Kinnow Juice

Kinnow juice

Nothing compares to the joy of having a freshly squeezed glass of seasonal fruit juice. Street hawkers parade the sectors in their peculiar voice and sell these glasses full of happiness. Enjoy this while basking in the winter sun and give your immunity a boost!

So get out of those woollen rajais and go enjoy everything as the season is nearing its end! 

Also, do let us know your favourite winter to-dos in the comments below.

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