The Udaipur World Music Festival 2020 awaits you!

Yashvi Shah
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The Udaipur World Music Festival 2020 awaits you!

Calling out all the music lovers in the house! Udaipur is hosting one of the most happening music festivals in the town. Music enthusiasts, get ready for the Udaipur World Music Festival and join them to celebrate their theme of the year, 'We are the World: Unity in diversity' through the power of music.

Udaipur World Music Festival

The Festival is in its 5th milestone edition and brings the world together on one platform by binding people from various backgrounds through music, joy, and multiculturalism. Over 150 global artists from 20 countries will be visiting the festival, and we are sure this festival will be a hit.

Udaipur World Music Festival

The festival promises tons of music and has some of the well-known artists lined up to keep the audience entertained throughout. Ginni Mahi Habib Koite- Star singer from Mali, Sudha Raghuraman -Carnatic vocals, and many more will be gracing the event.

Fun Fact: The festival also features the local Rajasthani talent and gives a valuable platform and exposure to the local artists and the people of Rajasthan.

When: 7th to 9th February 2020

Where: Udaipur, Amber at Amet Haveli Ambrai Ghat, Fateh sagar Paal, Gandhi Ground

Book your tickets to not miss out on some real music!

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