Looking For A Perfect Pie? Usher Yourself To These Pie Places In Delhi NCR!

Simran Dhamija
Jan 22, 2020 12:34 IST
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Looking For A Perfect Pie? Usher Yourself To These Pie Places In Delhi NCR!

People prefer other desserts over pies, but trust us once you have the right kind of pie, you will make it your staple diet. Imagine a fresh creamy whipped cream on a crunchy crust with caramel sauce and one big scoop of ice cream. Sounds like a plan, isn't it? We have curated pie places in Delhi that will blow you off your feet.

Elma's Bakery & Kitchen

Looking for that perfect morning pie? They have the best Banoffee, and Apple Pie served fresh with ice-cream for the people who love to sink in Pies.

Where: Elma's Bakery & Kitchen, Multiple Outlets

Cost: INR 350 approx

AMA Cafe

pie places in Delhi


It is one of the best places to visit for Delhi's ultra-delicious Apple Pie served with ice cream. If you are having a bad day, we are sure one bite of this will take away all your sadness and leave you with a smile on your face.

Where: AMA Cafe, Majnu Ka Tilla

Cost: INR 150 approx

Angels In My Kitchen



Their pie offering is not that little pie like every other place. They have one entire pie cake, and we are sure pie lovers can have it all by themselves.

Where: Angels In My Kitchen, Multiple Outlets

Cost: INR 1250

Pudding & Pie

Satiate your sweet craving with the walnut pie at Pudding & Pie. The best thing about this place is the flavors that they keep on changing time and again. When it comes to Pie, they will never disappoint you.

Where: Pudding & Pie, Multiple Outlets

Cost: INR 195 approx

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pie places in Delhi

This Apple Pie is truly scrumptious, with a crunchy crust and the right amount of sweet that is served with a big scoop of ice cream. Once you are at whipped, you can only escape your way out after having their delicious Pie.

Where: Whipped, Multiple Outlets

Cost: INR 175 approx

Defence Bakery

Defence Bakery is one of the oldest bakeries in Delhi serving pies. Everything on their menu will leave you drooling, but it is the Apple pie that will leave you wanting more and more. If you love a hint of cinnamon, you are sure to love it.

Where: Defence Bakery, Multiple Outlets

Cost: INR 90 approx


Their pies loaded with caramel will make you forget about everything. If you have a sweet tooth, then don't wait at all and go grab their apple or Banoffee Pie.

Where: SugarLicious, Multiple Outlets

Cost: INR 280 approx

After reading this, we are sure your tummy must be growling out loud for Pie! If you know of more pie places in Delhi, comment below.

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