Go ultimate high with these boozy dishes in Delhi!

Whisk some whiskey in your food or add a dash of rum! Everyone is loving this new twist in their mainstream food. If you are bored of getting high on cocktails or plain drinks, try these boozy dishes in Delhi which are sure to give you a flavorful high!

1. Rum Baba Ice Cream

boozy dishes in Delhi

Have you ever imagined your ice cream with a hint of Old Monk? If yes, then your imagination has come to a reality. Try this and you are definite to go bonkers!

Where: Oh So Stoned

Cost: INR 219 approx

2. Nutella and Old Monk Cake

boozy dishes in Delhi

Rum cakes always remind us of traditional Christmas plum cakes! Here is a whole new take on rum cake with a hint of Nutella. If you love Nutella and are open to experimenting, you should definitely try this.

Where: Monkey Bar

Cost: INR 260 approx

3. Jack Daniels infused Dal Makhni

boozy dishes in Delhi

Adding a twist to basic Dal Makhni with a shot of Jack Daniels is a new hit. The Dal has a perfect taste of Makhni as well as JD. Try this with Butter Garlic Naan to have a wholesome experience.

Where: Tamasha

Cost: INR 755 approx

4. Old Monk Mousse

boozy dishes in Delhi

Mousse is always sweet or savory! But have you ever tried a little bitter yet delicious mousse? Try this one and you will surely not regret it!

Where: Lavaash by Saby

Cost: INR 500 approx

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5. Black Label Butter Chicken

boozy dishes in Delhi

Bored with cocktails and want to replace that with a food dish? At your next fiesta try this Black label infused Butter Chicken. Getting high on butter chicken is the new high!

Where: Social (Multiple Outlets)

Cost: INR 425 approx

6. Old Monk Cassata Sundae

boozy dishes in Delhi

Cassata always reminds us of a very fruity taste and colorful sundae, isn’t it? Now picture a white cassata dipped in chocolate sauce, topped with tutti-frutti, sounds tempting, right? If you like chocolate, ice cream, and of course, Old Monk, this alcohol-infused dessert should absolutely be on your list!

Where: Hauz Khas Social

Cost: INR 240 approx

7. Tipsy Paprika

boozy dishes in Delhi

Fries with a hint of Vodka? Yes, it is a favorite dish in the loaded fries section. It comes with the addition of a creamy paprika sauce, sautéed bell peppers, and of course, with a dash of vodka. It’s slightly spicy and the vodka can give you a subtle high! But how can you not try these Vodka Fries, right?

Where: The Irish House

8. Old Monk Mutton

Mutton is always associated with loads of spices! Did you ever think mutton can have rum in it? Put this on your list and we are sure you will not regret it.

Where: Tales and Spirits

Cost: INR 480 approx

Try these Delhi-cious boozy dishes in Delhi!




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