Make your way to witness Hard Rock Cafe’s enthralling festival “Infused with Love” for food infused with a spirit

Globally renowned brand Hard Rock Cafe has rolled out a new limited-time menu – INFUSED WITH LOVE to keep you in high ‘spirits’ this season. The exclusive drunken menu that boasts of a heady spin on American cuisine is sure to rock any appetite.  

Hard Rock will serve up fresh and flavorful dishes infused with alcohol from the  Margarita Chicken Quesadilla to the Bourbon infused Shrimp, Bordeaux Burger, Banana Fosters Sunday along with a specially crafted beverage menu.  

So, GOBBLE your DRINK or GULP your FOOD, this one is twisted yet INFUSED WITH LOVE! Hop in along with your bunch of crazy buddies to cherish and relish and get yourselves indulged in this phenomenal festival that awaits your visit. 

Venue: Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai 

Date: Ongoing – 27th October 2019

So, when are you heading here?




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