Bid Alvida To Offers As 450 Eateries in Pune Withdraw Zomato Gold

In the recent past, we have seen the rise of offers and discounts given by eateries and restaurant aggregators. Though the aggressive discounts offered by restaurants might have been beneficial in gaining the customers but in the overall run was a loss for businesses. After Mumbai and Gurgaon, Pune restaurant has also joined the movement of boycotting Zomato Gold. As we know many foodies were attracted to discounts up to 50%, 1+1, 2+1 on food and drinks provided by food aggregator Zomato Gold.

Zomato Gold

Out of 850 restaurants in Pune, 450 had signed up for Zomato Gold.
After the move taken by the National Restaurant Association of India, The Pune Restaurants and Hoteliers Association (PRAHA)  also withdrew its support from the program.

Zomato Gold

Ganesh Shetty, the president of PRAHA issued a statement to bring back discounts and offers on food and drinks in a way that is sustainable for both customers and businesses. to assure the customers that discounts on food and drinks will be back, but in a way that will support businesses and consumers interest in equal measure. A Zomato spokesperson said that they have reached out to their restaurant partners and they are saddened they were unable to create a sustainable Gold program. They have also requested the restaurateurs to work with them in settling the problem at hand.

Zomato Gold

As we know the discounts and membership wave on food and drinks has hit Pune and there are many national and local aggregators in the market. We hope the aggregators take some lessons from this fiasco and aim to create a sustainable membership program for all the stakeholders involved.

News Source: TOI

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