Meet Ruby, the Robot at The Yellow House Cafe in Jaipur!

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Meet Ruby, the Robot at The Yellow House Cafe in Jaipur!

How cool would it be if a robot served you food in a restaurant? Well, if you don't believe us, why not just experience it. The Yellow House has the inhumanly excellent service that will undoubtedly amaze you.

What’s the word on the city street? 

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Envision what it feels like sitting in a comfy restaurant where robots go around to serve you meals. You will be welcomed by Ruby, the Robot, who happily serves sizzling meals to your table at Jaipur’s one of a kind “The Yellow House”.

The cafe is cozy as well as being pet-friendly, so now you can also bring your little partner with you for a vital feast.

Inside Scoop

The modern and conventional blend is not simply expressed in the stylistic theme, but also in the menu. 

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From traditional dishes like Gatte ki Sabzi to palates such as Pink City Pasta, this restaurant has a lot to offer. The restaurant menu is packed with beautiful cooking styles and exceptional mocktails.

Local Samosa Bites

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It is undoubtedly a happy place to go with your family and friends. To all the tech geeks and foodies out there, go and explore this outstanding fusion of technology and food under a single roof.

Drop by and say hello to Ruby, The Robot!!

I'm game let's plan

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Where: Silver Square Mall, Near Rajmandir Cinema, C Scheme, Jaipur

Time: 10 am – 11 pm

Call: 0141 6652261


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