Plan your Weekend and head to Velas Turtle Festival at Ratnagiri Beach

Velas Turtle Festival

Are you looking for an escape into the arms of nature? Do you feel like you are caught up in the monotonous cycle of making money and paying bills? We’ve got just the right kind of retreat for you.

Velas Turtle Festival

What’s the word on the city street?

The Velas Turtle festival is a one of a kind festival that takes place about 200 kilometers away from Pune at the Ratnagiri beach where you can watch the tiny baby turtles hatch out of their eggs and make their very first journey towards the big blue sea.   Velas Turtle Festival

This festival is a very cool part of ecotourism. All the money collected through it will go towards the conservation of these endangered olive ridley turtles. How amazing is that? This mini vacation will not only make you feel energized but will also feed your soul and you shall go back knowing that you have made a contribution to a great cause.

Inside scoop

Velas Turtle Festival

The other places that you can visit around Velas is the Bankot Fort where you can enjoy a great hike and the Harihareshwar temple to make you feel closer to the divine.

Local Samosa Bites

Velas Turtle Festival

You can book the trip online. This Two day packaged trip that includes everything above which is perfect for a weekend getaway and is priced for rupees 3000 only.

I’m Game Let’s Plan?

Velas Turtle Festival

Where? Velas Beach, Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra

When? Batches available every weekend

How to book? You can simply go online and book your tickets with any of their tourism ticketing partners.





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