Visit this Peaceful Lake near Jaipur and escape into its Beauty and Bird Spotting!

Chandlai Lake

Want to leave the cliches behind, and go to a place where you can find absolute peace? The Chandlai lake is one spot you must visit as it is the most unpopulated tourist spot which is absolutely quiet and lets you enjoy amid the chirping of birds and soothing wave sounds.

What’s the word on the City Street?

Chandlai Lake
Everybody likes birds however there are very few people that love them.
If you’re one of those few, Chandlai Lake might prove heaven for you.
Chandlai lake boasts of having 8000 winter migratory birds especially flamingos in the month of February. This surreal sight draws nature lovers and photographers who love to capture birds and wildlife.

Inside Scoop

Chandlai Lake
The Chandlai lake is quite scenic with the dry forests and hills ringing around it.
The water seems to be monsoon run-off from the wooded hills and it’s uncontaminated.
It might surprise you with its infinite splendor as it is a home to many migratory birds which includes northern shoveler, pochard, pintail, tufted duck, ruff, common redshank, Greenshank, and common teal.

Local Samosa Bites

Chandlai Lake
So Samosites, no matter whether you are feeling happy, sad, peaceful or a bag of mixed emotions, Chandlai lake is a spot to be.
This place invites you to its natural refreshing and soothing breeze.
You can sit here for hours and experience the beauty of nature as well those of birds.

I’m game let’s plan

Chandlai Lake
Where? Chandlai Lake, Chandlai Village, Jaipur

Time? Recommended to be visited during day time.

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