Explore Pune One Sketch at a Time with Urban Sketchers!

Attention art lovers! Here is an excellent platform for on-location sketchers. Do you enjoy sketching? Even if it is just a hobby, we recommend you to become a part of Urban Sketchers. Urban Sketchers from Pune is a non-profit organization that encourages artists and sketchers around the city.

Urban Sketcher
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What is the word on the street?
The team of Urban Sketchers encourages artists to explore different places and bring down those places on papers. What stands out about Urban Sketchers is that they believe in telling real stories of surroundings on the paper. They also organize different seminars and workshops conducted by professional illustrators and artists.

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Inside scoop:
Urban Sketchers also provide monthly zine that publishes stories through sketches. If you too love on-location sketching and want your sketch to reach out to thousands of people, then you can contact Urban Sketchers. They provide artists with writers who help them narrate their sketch story in a beautiful way. Urban Skechers also conducts annual seminars in foreign lands. It is not just sketching, it is an amazing experience!

Urban Sketcher
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Local samosa bites:
Do you know Paris is the most popular and favored land for on-location sketchers? Now you can get this experience here in Pune. Join Urban Sketchers every Sunday and visit amazing places with them.

I am game. Lets plan:
Email them at drawingattention@urbansketchers.org




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