3 ancient temples in Pune that are obscure but are worth Visiting!

Have you visited the old city in Pune? It takes you back to the ancient era of ‘Vaadas’, ‘Chawls’, and temples. Thanks to the amazing architectural skills of our ancestors, these temples are still standing firm in this ancient city.

If you are a history lover, a devotee or an atheist who loves to visit architecturally old places, this blog is for you.

Nageshwar Temple

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This temple dates to the 13th century. Isn’t that amazing to watch stand it firm after so many years? The temple has outer surroundings of stones. But the interior is made of teak wood. The temple has swayambhu Shivalinga which means no one built it (no one knows how it appeared). This fact is enough for a visit. The caretakers and pujaris have looked after the temple in an incredible way by maintaining its ethnicity.

Where? Somwar Peth Pune.


Pataleshwar Temple

temples in pune

Have you ever felt so quiet, relaxing and peaceful right next to the road’s traffic? Once you step in, the noise pollution disappears! This temple is of Lord Shiva. It has been built in the 8th century. The beauty of this temple is it is in a rock cave right in the center of the city. Surrounded by greenery and peace, you can completely detox yourself from the rest of the world. Since it is in a cave, the interior is completely dark and you can listen to the ‘Om’ chantings by the devotees.

Where? JM road, Pune

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Baneshwar Temple

temples in pune

The temple was built in 1749 by Nanasaheb Peshwa. The temple is located in a jungle where you can see various types of birds. What excites people more is that it has a waterfall which catches the attraction of all Shiva bhakta in monsoon. The temple is renovated and looks more beautiful now.

If you love trekking, do visit this temple. It also has some exciting sports activities for children.

Where? Nasarapur village, Pune.

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Our ancestors have created some exceptionally amazing structures and temples. It is a good option to visit these ancient places with family and friends on weekends.




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