The only thing good about summer is Mangoes! The fresh mangoes that make all the heat and suffering melt away with every juicy bite. Be part of all the mango madness going on in the city this summer. Check out these sites where you get to order mangoes online.

1.Apna Mango

order mangoes online

They provide you with handpicked Alphonso mangoes straight from the orchards of Devgad, Konkan. While there are many varieties of mangoes, they solely focus on providing the finest quality of Alphonso mangoes.

You can buy from

Contact: +917709731981 – New Order [Outside Pune]

             +917066683121 – New Order [Pune & PCMC]

Price Starts: 1,000 Rs


order mangoes online

Kubalwadi is known for not using any pesticides, chemicals or carbides. They pride themselves on their organic mangoes which are now just a click away.

You can buy from

Contact:  9920465252/9137791800

Price Starts: 889 Rs

3.Devgad Mango

order mangoes online

Devgad Mangoes provide mangoes from Ratnagiri and Devgad. Both, Ratnagiri and Devgad mangoes are well known for being the best in quality. You can order Devgad Hapus and Devgad Alphonsos from their site.

You can buy from

Contact:+91  9022112269

Price Starts: Rs 500  

4.Mango Bazaar

order mangoes online

Mango bazaar provides organic mangoes cultivated in the farms of Konkan. They are the cultivators of their own mangoes and various mango products. The taste of the mangoes will make sure that you keep going back to them every single time.

You can buy from

Contact: +91 901 107 3741

            +91 841 203 7393

Price Starts: 250 Rs

5.P.L Khaire’s

order mangoes online

They are one of the leading distributors of quality mangoes and grapes since 1935. They also take wholesale and bulk orders while offering reasonable prices.

You can buy from

Contact: +91 9604 068 068

Price Starts: Wholesale prices

6.Ratnagiri Mangoes

order mangoes online

This site gets you mangoes straight from a group of farmers in Ratnagiri. They have some great offers and discounts on their Alphonso mangoes that must be checked out.

You can buy from

Contact: 9867937456

Price Starts: 2,600 Rs

So, what are you waiting for? Order now!




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