Dive in to explore the best Scuba Diving Places near Pune!

The sweltering heat is upon us once again. The summer is making us wish we could live underwater. We cannot help you accomplish that but we can definitely help you find alternatives that come close. Pune has some great options for scuba diving that are only a couple hours away from the city. Dive in to find out more!

1. Vengurla Rocks

This beach located approximately 400 km from Pune is perfect for the first-timers. They have P.A.D.I certified scuba diving instructors who will make sure that you receive proper training before your very first dive.

2. Devbaug

This scenic beach located approximately 500 kms from Pune is also known as ‘God’s Garden’ and rightly so. Apart from the beautiful landscape and great diving experience you might be graced by the dolphins if you’re just lucky enough.

3. Dandeshwar

If you’re an experienced diver and are looking for some adventure then this is the place for you. Dandeshwar is approximately 400 kms from Pune and offers exciting experience of night sea diving! They also boast of some amazing architecture that is a delight to any explorer.

4. Malvan

Malvan, which is approximately 400 kms from Pune is a well-known destination for water sports. It is relaxing and soothing and will make sure that your diving experience is the same. You can also try some amazing food. The fried fishes are an absolute treat.

5. Tarkarli

This destination is approximately 400 kms from Pune and is a feast for your eyes. It also offers a huge variety of options that you can try apart from diving. You can try out the Dolphin Safari on your visit.




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