Want to enjoy Italy in Udaipur? This restaurant in Udaipur is the next stop you need to make!

Savage Garden Restaurant is a humble abode to all the foodies who crave fresh food made from scratch. An authentic taste with a view that is a sight for sore eyes.

What’s the word on the city street?

Savage Garden Udaipur

This rooftop restaurant is above a mini cafe – Cafe Edelweiss, situated near Ghangaur Ghat in the old city. The place has an organic vibe to it, with white ambiance. Overall the restaurant feels very casual and cozy.

Inside Scoop

Savage Garden Udaipur

If you want to have a little muffin with a hot cup of coffee, breakfast is perfect down the cafe. But if you seek splendid homemade delicacies book a table at the rooftop.

Savage Garden Udaipur

The place is like a mini bistro turned restaurant. You can find a bunch of foreigners relishing their meals with chilled drinks.

Local Samosa Bites

Savage Garden Udaipur

A big shout out goes to their pasta and ravioli with goat ragu. We definitely suggest you try their exquisite assortment of soups. If you are a non-vegetarian, their Savoury chicken breast is finger smacking good. Also, you can try their stuffed aubergine or potato.

Savage Garden Udaipur

And who does not want to end their meal with a perfect Panna cotta.

Savage Garden Udaipur

I’m Game, let’s plan

When? Monday to Sunday

Where? Edelweiss, 71 Gangour Ghat Above Cafe, Old City, Udaipur

Time? 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

Picture Creditsavage_garden_udaipur (Instagram)

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