Love Poetry? Become a part of The Poetry Recitals Club in Jaipur to voice your unvoiced feelings!

Rakshak Mathur
Apr 17, 2019 10:44 IST
the poetry recitals

Is there a poet inside you who keeps on writing poetry, however never get a chance to recite those? The Poetry Recitals is all ready o give you a stage to convey your unvoiced feelings with an exclusive session of incomparable poetry.


What's the word on the City Street?

The Poetry Recitals is a small society which helps to rediscover, reinvent and reimagine the language of metaphors in unconventional non-academic spaces.

They meet every Sunday to celebrate life and have taken poetry out of the expected set of conventional readings and literary festivals, of Kavi sammelans and mushairas and in a sense, democratized it.

the poetry recitals

 Inside Scoop

If you are seeking a change in your regular Sunday outings, come join The poetry recitals as they take you on a ride of transforming emotions.

With a fusion of poetry and music, it would bring together hand-picked poets from the city and would put them together on a platform where they would compete against each other in performing the best of their poetry.

the poetry recitals

Local Samosa Bites

So Samosites, if you come across people reading out their work in parks or coffee shops to appreciative ‘wah-wahs’, claps and hoots, don’t be surprised. It’s just some poets celebrating the vividness of poetry.

Come over to enjoy the evening, socialize and let yourself drown completely in the verse of poetry and hues of music.

I'm game let's plan

When? Every Sunday

Time? Starts at 4.30 PM.

Want to be a part of it?

Follow the page for all the weekly updates about upcoming poet meets.