Want to get a cafe, Indoor or an Outdoor Walls painted?Ink brush n me from Pune will solve your painting woes!

Ink brush n me

How about painting a whole city with beautiful colors and imagination? We are gonna introduce you with a unique startup that has decided to take your painting talent to the next level.


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Love is Forever. Blr. A mural in #bengaluru.

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What is the word on the street?

Ink Brush n Me is one unique startup owned by Mr. Harshavardhan Kadam and Mr. Rajvardhan Kadam. These two siblings are pro in painting and work along with other talented painters all over the globe. All of their paintings and art pieces have deep philosophy and mythological value.


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Forest Spirit. #Streetart #mural #inkbrushnme #forest #spirit

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Inside scoop:

They have painted numerous outdoor walls, indoor walls and spots in Pune city as well as other major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Morlaix, Jaipur & Delhi. The creative startup has brought life to many pale places around the globe. One of their most popular works is a wall of Yerwada jail in Pune.

Local samosa bites:

We believe paintings is the most beautiful form of art that can be used to express deep thoughts through colors. So if you want to paint your office interior, home interiors, cafes, walls, or anything, you know whom to consider.

I’m game. Let’s plan.

Drop them an e-mail at inkbrushnme@gmail.com

Follow them on Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/inkbrushnme/




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