Check in to Backpacker Panda Stephels Hostel in Jaipur for your next memorable stay!

  Once you find them, you will never want to leave!! With the motto of cleanliness at heart, Backpacker Panda Stephels is one of the most exquisite hostels of Jaipur. The walls are covered with artistic paintings which will surely give you the native feel of the pink city.

What’s the word on the City Street?

The thoughtful arrangement of dormitories made it a great place to meet other travelers. There is ample space on the rooftop for exercise or yoga sessions which makes the environment lively and relaxed. It also has a big courtyard with trees and plants which could be the perfect place to start your morning.

Backpacker Panda Stephels

Inside Scoop

It is located on MI Road and falls halfway between the train station and the city center. Air-conditioned rooms with comfortable beds and cozy linens. You can choose between the double personal rooms, four bed mixed dormitories and half dozen bed mixed dorms as your abode whereas here. Fast and reliable Wi-Fi keeps you connected with friends and family.

Backpacker Panda Stephels

Local Samosa Bites

The gracious hospitality by the staff and the authentic taste of the dishes are a perfect reflection of the ideals of Backpacker Panda. Highly recommended for a solo or a group of travelers who are looking for a peaceful relaxing stay, with the opportunity to meet fellow travelers. So come and get to know travel stories from all over the world from other like-minded seekers much like yourself!

Backpacker Panda Stephels

I’m game let’s plan

PRICE RANGE: ₹ 716 – ₹ 1,431 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)

Address: Stephels, Link Jalupura Road, MI Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

Phone: 094131 59222





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