Check out Praddy’s Diner, an amazing cafe for both Veg and Non-Veg foodies

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Check out Praddy’s Diner, an amazing cafe for both Veg and Non-Veg foodies

Located in c-scheme, Praddy’s Diner is a haven for every food lover and the first thing that strikes our mind about this place is their gigantic, delicious burgers which are popular across the town. With a casual and colorful décor, it is an absolutely chill place to eat delicious food and be easy on the pocket.

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This diner cafe has both, indoor and outdoor seating options. The indoor is set nicely with comfy couches and chairs and can hold a reasonable crowd at once.

The outdoor is breezy, light and a smoking friendly area. It is an ideal to place to gather with your friends and eat as much as you like without feeling that leak in your pocket.

They have a wide variety of dishes to order from.

The drinks section includes some appetizing and light drinks like mojitos and iced-teas, and flavourful thick shakes.

Praddy's Diner


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Their thick shakes are the show stealers. With brilliant consistency and perfect flavors, their best shakes are the Oreo mint shake, Nutella shake, and coffee shake.

This terrific café also bags its flag in serving delectable food with great variety. From Chinese and Thai food to American and English, Paddy's have your back.

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Some of their very popular dishes are laal maas pizza and butter chicken pizza. These pizzas are topped with authentic laal maas and butter chicken curries and baked later. These Indianized form of pizzas will definitely make you swoon.

Also, this place is one of the very few places in Jaipur to serve bacon. Any bacon lover wouldn’t want to miss on their scrumptious bacon burgers and bacon strips.

Where? D-29, Amar Niwas, Subhash Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur

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